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Party building leads joint efforts to promote development -- The Party branch of Anxi County Emergency Management Bureau and a party branch directly under our company successfully signed a joint construction contract
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        For the in-depth study and implementation of the Party's twenty great spirit,深刻领会习近平总书记关于国有企业改革发展和党的建设重要论述以及关于安全生产的重要指示精神,Further implement the deployment requirements of the "deep learning for excellence, dare to compete for the first, hard work for efficiency" action work,4月25日,Anxi County Emergency Management Bureau Party branch and a party branch directly under our company successfully signed a contract。Anxi County Emergency Management Bureau party committee member, deputy director Chen Guijin, Party committee member, emergency management comprehensive law enforcement team captain Chen Kaidian, company leaders Wu Xiuren, Liao Yichang, Lei Haohong attended the event。

        Party members of the Party branch of the Anxi County Emergency Management Bureau visited the Party and mass activity service center of our company, the sintering main control room of the ironmaking plant and the high bar production line of the rolling mill to further understand the development history of our company, corporate culture, production process, and party construction of the company。

        After the signing, the two sides had a discussion and exchange, focusing on how to further strengthen the Party's political construction as the leader, improve the standardization of party building work, etc., and conducted in-depth exchanges in co-construction structure, co-construction measures and requirements。The two sides will continue to promote cooperation through party building, carry out in-depth "Party building + security", integrate party building work into safe production, build a new pattern of party building work of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual promotion and joint improvement", and jointly promote party building work to a new level。