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Unswervingly follow the party and continue to forge ahead in the new era - Quanzhou Minguang Youth League Committee organized to watch inspirational films for dreams
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On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day,Quanzhou MinguangThe Youth League Committee of the company organized the youth members to watch patriotic movies collectively- "The King of the Sky", further strengthen the construction of the youth workers themselves, and enhance the national pride and social responsibility of young workers。

The film tells the behind-the-scenes story of a new era Air Force test pilot and the birth of the latest fighter aircraft, and the plot and content of the film are shocking。The film shows the thrilling air scenes, thrilling moments and the spirit of the test pilots for the aviation industry of the motherland, so that the young members feel the hardships faced by the test pilots and the rewards of excellent performance。

Youth is in full bloom, struggle is the time!After watching the movie, everyone is still immersed in it and laments that the movie makes them"Blood boiling"。Everyone said,We should draw on the spirit of hard work and selfless dedication of generations of astronauts,To love the party and patriotism into the bones,Loyal to the party, love the motherland, fear no wind and rain, heart Xiang rong guang,I will devote myself to my future work with more enthusiasm,Keep your faith and persevere,Turn the spirit of example into motivation for moving forward,To promote the healthy and stable development of Quanzhou Minguang contribute youth power!(Contribution: Dong Yaojie, Youth League Committee)