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It is safe to install charging piles for the private |
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To provide convenient and safe charging facilities for living area residents is Quanzhou MinguangOne of the goals and tasks of "doing practical things for the people"。

Quanzhou MinguangThe Party committee of the company and the company's trade union attach great importance to the electric bicycles of the residents of the community"Hard to charge" problem。After full investigation and evaluation, it was decided to install intelligent charging terminals in the carport of the living area dormitory building in batches。Up to now, the company has installed 266 smart charging terminals for dormitory buildings。Electric car owners just park the car in the charging area, plug it in, and charge the vehicle after scanning the code, which is convenient to use。The charging pile relies on a strong cloud platform for management, the use of safe, stable, reliable, high standard charging facilities, the supporting construction of the awning is made of flame retardant materials, charging pile equipment also has a full stop function, to avoid over-charging vehicles, to ensure the charging safety of electric vehicles。

Before this, some employees in order to facilitate the charging of electric vehicles, from the second floor or even the fourth floor window to throw a patch panel"Fly wire" charging。These high-hanging or privately pulled wires are exposed to the outdoors for a long time, subjected to wind and sun, and once the insulation layer is worn and aging, it is easy to leak electricity, which is easy to cause a fire or explosion of electric vehicle batteries。After the intelligent charging terminal is put into use,To eliminate security risks,5月8-9日,Li Mengcheng, deputy general manager of the company and chairman of the trade union, leads the comprehensive office,Joint rolling mill party branch, security department party branch,Carry out special control work of charging pile safety hidden dangers investigation,Remove more than 100 private "power points" in the living area。

In addition, the subsequent company will invest in the construction of electric vehicle intelligent charging terminals to better serve the majority of employees。