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Fujian Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment to our company to carry out gas emission reduction benefit assessment research
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        On the morning of September 22, the expert team of Fujian Provincial Ecological Environment Department, together with Quanzhou Ecological Environment Bureau and Anxi Ecological Environment Bureau, 24 people visited our company to carry out assessment and research on the benefits of gas emission reduction。The company's deputy general manager Rubenli accompanied the investigation。

        The research team listened to a report on the progress of ultra-low emission transformation work, and understood in detail the production and operation of our company, the production capacity replacement work of the factory, the construction and operation of emission reduction facilities。Visited the site of the new blast furnace project, the sintering central control room and the online monitoring room of the sintering head, reviewed the historical production data and online monitoring data of two sintering machines, checked the operation status of the online monitoring equipment of the sintering machine smoke, and understood the implementation of various pollution prevention measures in detail。

        In addition, the research team also sampled the chimney outlet of our company and carried out manual sampling and monitoring. The monitoring results showed that the pollutant emission of the head of the sintering process of our company met the ultra-low emission standard of the steel industry, and the pollutants of other chimney outlet met the emission standard。(Safety and Environmental Protection Department Chen Guoxian