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Another record!A single furnace in a steel mill produces 23 furnaces!
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On September 25, the converter workshop of the steel plant smelted 23 furnaces in the first shift, the average smelting cycle of a single furnace was 21 '34 ", and the total production of steel in a single furnace shift was 1178.54 tons, and then broke the record of 22 furnace production in a single furnace shift on August 11, which is the third time in two months to refresh the single furnace smelting cycle and output record。

Since the beginning of this year, the converter workshop of the steel mill has used various meetings before and after work to convey the production and operation situation and task requirements of the enterprise to the staff, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, and implement lean management with the theme of "safety, quality and speed"。According to the requirement of "make a little progress every day", each shift reports the completion of the indicators. If the planned goals are not completed, analyze the reasons according to the furnace and formulate targeted improvement measures to continuously optimize the production organization of the converter。

In the next stage, the steel plant will continue to work hard, sprint for the fourth quarter, and achieve the annual production and operation target。(供稿:Liu Yuehua steel plant