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Power plant superheater spherical tank relocation project bidding announcement
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Call for a bid

Power plant superheater ball tank relocation project

Bidding Number:SBBL231001

1.Tender conditions

福建Quanzhou Minguang steel limited liability公司 Power plant superheater ball tank relocation The project is ready for tender,Public bidding is now conducted, and domestic qualified bidders are welcome to bid on the bidding project。

2.Project overview and bidding scope

    1.  Project location: Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD.

    2. Scope and contents of tender: 一座400m3. Protective disassembly of spherical tanks and auxiliary pipes, valves, blowdown expansion containers, silencers and supports, platforms and stairs, etc., relocation to a new site, re-installation and anti-corrosion insulation;Pressure vessel, pressure pipeline inspection and evidence collection。See technical requirements for details。

2.3 Tender control price (i.e. maximum bid limit price, the same below) (if any) :  / 

2.4 Duration requirements: The total duration is 50 A calendar day;If the construction period is delayed due to the reasons of the Contractor, the Contractor shall apply for each day of delay5000(含税)The payment of liquidated damages shall be calculated cumulatively, and the single deduction for the construction period shall not exceed the total contract amount5%

2.5 Section division (if any) : /

2.6 Quality requirements: Meet the technical requirements and relevant national standards

3.Bidder qualification and performance requirements

3.1 Qualification and performance requirements: This bidding project requires the bidder to have valid A3Stage pressure vessel (spherical tank),GD2Class pressure piping and above installation permit qualified unitsQualification and Construction Enterprise Safety Production License;And in the personnel, equipment, capital and other aspects of the corresponding construction capacity;Bidder shall provide 1The tender is similar to the projectPerformance (performance proof materials shall provide a copy of the notice of winning the bid or the contract with the official seal), and the user has a good effect。

3.2 Joint bids are accepted in this tender。

3.3 The bidder shall have good bank credit and business reputation, and shall not be in the state of being ordered to suspend business, property being taken over, frozen or bankrupt。

3.4 The Bidder has no ongoing or pending material litigation or arbitration against the Bidder。

3.5 Should not belong to the relevant state administrative departments defined corruption, fraud and unqualified bidders。

3.6 The bidder has no bad record of being punished by the competent authorities in the contracts implemented in the past three years

3.7The bidder is not included in the "credit China" by the bid deadline。

3.8The bidder shall entrust the staff of the unit or the contracted dealer to handle the bidding matters, otherwise, once verified, the bid will be rejected or rejected。

4. Acquisition of bidding documents

4.1Tender documents price per set 200 Yuan, not refundable after sale, remitting unit:Fujian Quanzhou Minguang steel Co., LTD, Bank:Agricultural Bank of China Limited Anxi Hustou branch,账号:13561201040002482When transferring money, be sure to state in the remarks:"SBBL231001Tender document fee"。The tender fee must be paid to the account designated by the tenderer in the name of the tenderer company (no personal account)。

4.2 Interested tenderers are invited to 2023 10 12日至1020Day, every morning830时至1130Hour, afternoon1500时至 1730When, the registration information will be sent to Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD. Human Resources Department enterprise management office bidding mailboxfjqzmgqyglk@163.comObtain electronic version of tender documents。Registration information includes: photo of remittance voucher for purchasing bidding documents, bidding number, bidding project name and bidder information (including contact name and telephone number;The billing information stamped by the bidding unit;Name, telephone number and address of the recipient of the invoice)。

5.Submission of tender documents

5.1 The deadline for submission of tender documents is2023 11 2 9 00The location isFujian Quanzhou Minguang Iron and Steel Co., LTD. Administrative building, second floor of the human resources Department of enterprise management

5.2  Late delivery, delivery (EMS or SF ExpressThe bid inviter shall not accept any bid document that has not been delivered or delivered to the designated place。

6.Bid opening time and place:2023112上午900Quanzhou Minguang physical and chemical building third floor equipment department conference room开标。

7.Bid evaluation method: comprehensive evaluation method。

8.Medium by which announcements are made

This bidding announcement is simultaneously posted on the Purchasing and bidding website (, Sansteel External network transaction Announcement (, Quanzhou Minguang External network ( published on。

9. Contact information

Tenderer: Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD

  Add: Iron and Steel Industrial Road, Hutou Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province58


Contact: Enterprise management Office


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