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Announcement of successful candidate for metal block unpacking machine
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Announcement of winning candidate

Project name: Metal block dismantling machine

Bidding Number:HSL23001

Metal block breaker项目,2023 1018Bid opening and evaluation work will be completed. According to the evaluation results of the bid evaluation committee, the successful candidates of the project will be publicized as follows:

The first successful candidate is:

Jiangsu Dalongkai Technology Co., LTD

If the bidder has any objection to the winning result, please submit it in the publicity period20231019日~1023Report to the opposition acceptance unit within days。

Objection handling unit:Fujian Quanzhou Minguang steel Co., LTD

Contact number:0595-68869033

If the bidder still has objections after receiving the objection reply, it can complain to the supervision department。If the bidder believes that the tendering and bidding activities do not comply with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations, it must submit a complaint to the supervisory department in written form (with a clear request and necessary supporting materials, stamped with the official seal of the legal entity and the signature of the legal representative, and indicate the telephone number, address and contact person)。

Supervisory department: Inspection Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection

Contact number:0595-68869062

After the end of the publicity period, the tenderer will issue a notice of winning the bid to the winning bidder in accordance with the provisions。

It is hereby publicized!

              Tenderer (seal) : Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD

Release time:20231019