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Notice of re-bidding for waste materials such as waste copper core cables and waste aluminum core cables
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Scrap copper core cables, scrap aluminum core cables and other waste materials

重新Invitation for bid

Tender Number: QZMGFJWZ2023-12C

In accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Tendering and Bidding and other relevant laws and regulations, in line with the principles of openness, fairness, justice and honesty, our company has a lot of existingWaste materialsConduct a tender (See the following table), welcome units with recovery qualifications to participate in the bid。The subject matter of this tender is used waste goods or materials confirmed to no longer have use value, have lost the function, performance and safe use indicators required in the design and manufacture, and have no safe use value。The Seller does not guarantee the function, performance and safety of the waste materials, and does not assume any legal liability arising from the performance, quality and safety problems (including but not limited to the liability for property damage or personal injury, as well as the liability for repair or replacement).。


Name of material

Main component

Quantity (approx.)


Viewing place



Scrap copper core cable




Ironworks supply Department

Steel works


Scrap aluminum core cable




Iron works

Supply department

1. Qualification conditions and requirements of the tenderer

1. The bidder shall have full capacity for civil conduct and be able to independently assume civil liability。

2. The bidder shall provide valid documents before biddingCopy of business license, copy of legal representative ID card and other relevant information (the above information should be stamped with the unit seal)。If a non-legal representative participates in the bidding, it shall also be provided法人Power of attorney (See the attachment1) and a copy of the ID card of the entrusted agent。

3By the bid deadline date, the bidder is not included in the "credit China" in the breach of trust subject to enforcement。

4The bidder shall entrust the staff of the unit to handle the bidding matters, otherwise, once verified, the bid will be rejected or rejected。

2. Acquisition of bidding documents

1The price of each set of bidding documents is RMB ¥100元(Hundred yuan whole), not refunded after sale, remitted unit: Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Iron and Steel Co., LTD., bank: Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. Anxi Hutou branch, account number: 13561201040002482, be sure to write in the remarks when transferring money:"QZMGFJWZ2023-12CTender document fee"。The tender fee must be paid to the account designated by the tenderer in the name of the tenderer company (no personal account)。

2、Interested tenderers are invited to20231019日至111Day, every morning830时至1130Hour, afternoon1500时至 1730When, the registration information will be sent to Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD. Human Resources Department enterprise management office bidding mailboxfjqzmgqyglk@163.comObtain electronic version of tender documents。Registration information includes: photo of remittance voucher for purchasing bidding documents, bidding number, bidding project name and bidder information (including contact name and telephone number;The billing information stamped by the bidding unit;Name, telephone number and address of the recipient of the invoice)。

3If bidding documents are ordered by mail, the bid inviter shall be contacted with the remittance voucher for the purchase of bidding documents。

Third, look at the goods time

定于20231129:00, personnel of the tenderer who have paid the tender fee (每家The tenderer shall not have more than two personnel,Be sure to wear a safety helmet and follow the instructions of the on-site staffIn Quanzhou Minguang administration building on the first floor of the gate, by Quanzhou Minguang sales Department related personnel(Lin Xiaoyou13489744165)Take to site for sampling (inspection)。

Iv. Bid security

1.tenderer20231179:30Pay the bid deposit RMB to our company before1000Yuan (one thousand yuan only)Late submission is invalid。Remitter: Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Iron and Steel Co., LTD., bank: Anxi Hutou Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Co., LTD., account number: 13561201040002482。The depositor must fill in the full name of the unit, shall not fill in the personal name, otherwise it will lead to the delay in the return of the margin, the remarks column indicates:QZMGFJWZ2023-12CSecurity deposit。The bidder may also promise to use Quanzhou Minguang steel to pay the outstanding paymentOr sell the rest of the moneyThe corresponding amount shall be used as bid security。

2.Where the tenderer fails to pay the bid security or the bid security is insufficient, it shall be deemed to have abandoned the bid automatically。

3.Our company on the day of signing a written contract with the winning unit, notify Quanzhou MinguangFinancial departmentWithin the prescribed period (10(within working days) Return the bid security without interest to the unsuccessful bidder。

4.Our company has received the bid security of the bidder before the closing of the bid will not participate in the bid or withdraw the bid, I signed a written contract with the bidder on the day, notify Quanzhou Minguang Financial Department within the specified time limit (101 working day) without interest。

5.If the tenderer cancels the tender after the closing of the bid, our company may not return the bid security。

5. Deadline for submission of tenders

1. The bidder shall20231179:30Before the bid, the bidder shall send the bank receipt of the security deposit along with the bid documentsOr express (SF Express/EMSAdministration buildingHuman resources enterpriseIndustrial managementLate submission is invalid。

2. Before the closing of the tender, the bidder may supplement and modify the tender, and the content of the supplement and modification shall be an integral part of the tender。

3If the tenderer wants to withdraw the submitted tender, it shall notify our company in writing before closing the tender。

4Bids by telegram, telephone or E-mail will not be accepted。

Vi. Other notes on bidding

1. Bidders are required to read the bidding announcement carefully.Sign the Tender Undertaking(See annex)2And stamped with official seal。If you have any doubts, please make them before bidding。

2Our company may supplement or modify the tender, and the revised tender shall be published again, and notify the bidders that have submitted the tender and paid the bid security to quote again, and the deadline for submission of the tender shall be extended accordingly。

3If the bid is abandoned after winning the bid, the bid security (full amount) will not be returned, and the successful bidder will be cancelled to participate in our company in the futureQualification for bid purchase of waste materials。

4The successful bidder shall be 3 working days after receiving the notification of winning the bid from our company,到我司The sales department shall sign the contract, handle the payment and other relevant procedures, otherwise it shall be deemed to have abandoned the bid.The bid security (in full) is non-refundable and the successful bidder's future participation in our company is cancelledQualification for bid purchase of waste materials。

5If it is found that the successful bidder has a string of bids and unreasonable and other bad behaviors, it will be disqualified.The bid security (in full) is non-refundable and the successful bidder's future participation in our company is cancelledQualification for bid purchase of waste materials。

6After the successful bidder signs the contract with our company, the bid bond will be converted into the contract performance bond。Our company may require the winning bidder to increase the payment履约Security deposit (see contract), performanceThe deposit will be refunded without interest after delivery。

7After the successful bidder signs the sale contract for used materials, it shallTake delivery on the working day of the contract period,Statutory holidays and weekends are prohibited to pick up goods, not inValidity period of contractThe contract for internal delivery shall terminate itself, the contract performance bond shall not be returned, and the successful bidder shall be disqualified from participating in the bidding and purchase of waste materials of our company in the future, except for force majeure。

8The successful bidder shall be responsible for the loading, lifting and other matters and expenses of the subject matter, and all issues such as safety and environmental protection in the loading and lifting and other matters shall be responsible for the successful bidder。If the winning bidder violates the relevant provisions of safety, environmental protection, fire protection, security, transportation and so on formulated by the tenderer during the process of taking delivery, it shall be punished according to the relevant provisions of the tenderer。

9According to our requirements, when you want to pick up the goods on the day, inform the truck license plate number in advance, which is issued by our personnel调拨After the single and confirm that the empty car can be weighed, then go to the place to see the goods, supervise the loading of the goods after weighing, to the arrival of the money can apply for the factory certificate, with the sunrise factory certificate, along the 1# gate post of our company。

Vii. Time and place of bid opening

Bid opening time:20231179:30

Place of bid opening:Quanzhou Minguang logistics Park office building fourth floor supply department bid

Viii. Quotation

The bidder must confirm the required subject matter before bidding, and fill in the quotation sheet according to the required subject matter. The specific price must be clearly stated in the quotation, and the vague price shall be regarded as the rejected bid。Please quote in RMB (inclusive13%VAT) quotation, quotation (see attachment3)。

Our statement

Bid the highest price,If there are two or more same highest quotations, the evaluation committee shall determine the winning bidder through negotiation;If the highest price is significantly lower than the market price, it can be discounted。Unsuccessful bidder will not be notified。

10. Media issuing announcements

This bidding announcement is simultaneously posted on the Purchasing and bidding website (, Three steel trading announcement information network ( on Quanzhou Minguang external network:( on...。

11. Contact information

Tenderer: Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD

Contact person:Human resources Department Enterprise management

Add: Iron and Steel Industrial Road, Hutou Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province58



附件1: Power of attorney

附件2: Letter of commitment to bid

附件3: Quotation sheet