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Fujian metallurgical leaders to Quanzhou Minguang Iron and steel company, environmental protection resources company research party construction work
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On the morning of October 19, Hou Xiaoliang, deputy secretary of the Fujian Metallurgical Party Committee and director, went to Quanzhou Minguang Iron and Steel Company and environmental protection Resources Company for research。Wang Canrong, Secretary of the Party Committee and executive director of Quanzhou Minguang Iron and Steel Company, Du Yu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Huang Junjie, general manager of environmental protection resources, accompanied the investigation。

In the Environmental Protection Resources Company, Hou Xiaoliang, deputy secretary, fully affirmed the company's work in party building and the economic and social benefits achieved。他要求,企业要继续坚定不移地用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想凝心铸魂,坚定国企的政治站位,深入实施“三争”行动,以争优、争先、争效,担当作为的魂力,推动企业高质量发展,去取得更好的成绩。He stressed that safe production is the lifeline of enterprise development, the company一要Take safety production as a major political task, effectively integrate safety culture and family culture, and create an enterprise safety culture with its own characteristics。二要Conscientiously learn lessons from the accident of foreign units, implement various safety management systems, and do a good job in maintenance, equipment, construction and other aspects of safety work。三要We should do a good job in the investigation and management of hidden dangers in major accidents, especially pay attention to gas safety, and strengthen the supervision of the sensitivity and reliability of gas alarms。Li Yuchun, Environmental Protection Resources