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Meet new challenges create a new pattern to promote the steady development of Quanzhou Minguang -- The second Party Member Congress of Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., Ltd. was successfully held
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        On the morning of October 18, the second Party member congress of Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., Ltd. was held in Quanzhou Minguang Party Group Activity Service Center。On behalf of the Party Committee, Secretary Wang Canrong made a report entitled "Meeting New Challenges, Creating a New Pattern, Promoting the Steady Development of Quanzhou Minguang"。

        大会以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指引,深入贯彻党的二十大精神和习近平总书记对福建工作重要讲话重要指示批示精神,Unite and mobilize cadres and workers,Keep in mind exhortations and strive forward with gratitude,Bravely pick up the big beam, walk in the forefront,Write Quanzhou Minguang leapfrog development of a new chapter。

        The conference believes that since the first Party Congress, the company's Party committee has closely focused on the production and operation center, relying on all Communist Party members and all cadres and workers, eyes inward, self-pressure, constantly consolidating the basic management, and effectively promoting the sound development of the company's production and operation。

        The congress stressed that the five years after the Party Congress is a key period for Quanzhou Minguang to achieve production capacity replacement and ultra-low emissions, and Party members and employees should work together to complete the glorious and arduous task of this period。因此,我们必须以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,紧紧围绕企业生产经营中心,万众一心,全力为企业的稳健发展而战。At the same time, further strengthen the party building, give full play to the political core of the party organization, the fighting fortress of the branch and the vanguard role of the party members, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of cadres and workers, and promote the steady development of the company's work。

        The conference called on the company's two-level party organizations and all party members to be under the leadership of the new committee,Unite and lead the majority of cadres and workers,Understand the situation clearly,self-compression,Lift one's spirits,Pioneering and innovative,Provide suggestions for the development of the company,To fully fulfil the tasks set out in this Conference,To achieve the company's production and management goals and strive!

        The General Assembly elected a new committee of Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD., and passed a resolution on the report of the Party committee。After the congress, the new Party Committee held its first plenary session and elected the Secretary and deputy secretaries.The new CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection held its first plenary session and elected a secretary。