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Company introduction

Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Iron and Steel Co., LTD. (formerly known as "Fujian SAN 'an Iron and Steel Co., LTD.") was established on November 6, 2001,It is located in Hutou Town, Anxi County, Fujian Province,Superior geographical environment,The surrounding area is rich in mineral resources such as iron ore, limestone, white coal and hydropower resources.Convenient transportation,It is surrounded by three major ports: Xiamen Port, Quanzhou Xiaocuo Port and Quanzhou Houzhu Port,It has 5 private railway lines,The highway adjoins the provincial highway,Smooth flow of logistics。

The company covers a total area of 2072 acres, more than 2700 employees, registered capital of 342297598 yuan, fixed assets 25.With 8.4 billion yuan, it has formed a metallurgical joint enterprise including sintering, iron making, steel making, continuous casting, steel rolling and other processes, ending the history of "no steel production" in Quanzhou and becoming an important steel production base in our province。High degree of automation, perfect environmental protection facilities, the whole plant to achieve operation automation, management information, clean production。Our company passed the quality system certification in July 2003;July 2010 through the measurement system certification;In March 2013, our company successfully passed the external certification after integrating the three systems of quality (Q), environment (E) and occupational health and safety (O);In January 2014, the No. 1 announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the State was identified as the second batch of enterprises meeting the "Steel industry standard Conditions";Passed the energy management system certification in May 2015;In May 2016, it was approved by CNAS Laboratory.In April 2017, it passed the certification of the two integration management system。Our continuously rich system construction has played a good supporting role for the basic management work。

In January 2007, Sansteel Group and Sanan Steel completed the asset restructuring。Since the reorganization, the company adheres to technological progress and scientific management, adheres to the path of sustainable development, and under the influence, driving force, penetration and all-round strong support of Sansteel Group, the company has entered the road of harmonious and stable development。March 30, 2018,Sansteel Minguang issued shares to purchase 100% equity of Sanan Iron and Steel,It was approved unconditionally by the China Securities Regulatory Commission,And completed the asset transfer procedures and related industrial and commercial change registration on June 12,On July 13, it was officially renamed Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., LTD。

Process equipment:2台220m2Sintering machine, 2 seats 550m3And 1 block 1250m3Blast furnace, 3 50 ton converter, 3 4 machine 4 flow billet continuous casting machine, 2 20,000 m3Oxygen generator, 1 bar production line with an annual output of 1 million tons, 1 high-speed wire production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons and 1 high-speed bar production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons。

Main products: Main products are"Minguang" brand hot rolled ribbed steel bar, hot rolled round steel bar and other high-quality construction steel and 160mm2 continuous casting billet series products。

Company Name:Fujian Quanzhou Minguang steel Co., LTD

地址Iron and steel Industrial Road, Hutou Town, Anxi County, Fujian province58号





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